Smoking- when to stop?

To stop smoking is a mindset                                                                                                                 *1st :  make it your decision then stick with it                                                                                                                        you do this for you initially, not to please some-one else.

*2nd :   ask yourself the reasons why you smoke     – stressed out,   – bored,                                – concentrate easier,     – relaxing ,    or simply  enjoy     –  anything other reasons ?

*3rd :   what situations leads you to smoking a cigarette   – at the end of a meal,   – before going to bed,    – with a drink ,   –  on the phone,  – maybe you can add more ?

The mechanics and drivers that lead us to smoking are way below conscious decision, so it is far easier to use hypnotherapy , as this changes the way we view cigarette smoking.

Helping you identify what drives your smoking routine and the mechanics behind it. I am an expert in my field , so why go it alone ?  Whether it is in one session or several my complete package gives you complete support throughout , empowering you to take total control and put an end to nicotine once and for all.   Aiming for a life-time of total indifference to smoking.

2 thoughts on “Smoking- when to stop?

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