Waste to Waist !

Many people are taught as children not to be wasteful. Fine when you are a child. Take this forward to adult life and eating everything that is on your plate could have developed into an unwelcome habit.  Habits often can be so deep-rooted, it seems a mammoth task to change.  This is due to not working in the  place the habit is stored ;   the drivers that almost as if by magic  “make us overeat. ”  Hypnotherapy works alongside of habits, so can gently ease you into  a more preferable way of thinking and        behaving.                                                                                                                                                                Throwing out what we do not need to eat is not a waste.  With only a few hypnotherapy sessions you can automatically eat less food each meal-time , so in turn you will  serve up less on your plate. So you can find your waist again, hence “waste to waist.”                 http://www.ivertherapy.co.uk




2 thoughts on “Waste to Waist !

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