End Food Cravings

end food cravings

End food cravings.So what’s next? You decide you want to be slimmer. However, change is not easy, as we do not like change, even if it is for the better. Nor do habits change automatically. Understanding a little bit more about your eating habits and food cravings is essential.This is where hypnotherapy can help you get the desired results by giving you the right mindset for healthy eating habits.Hypnotherapy is proven to work and is the most effective way to end food cravings, once and for all. 

A brief explanation. We are all capable of cravings. Whether it`s for chocolate, fizzy drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, whatever that urge is for. The fact is a craving is driven by emotions and as we all know emotions are often irrational and can be overwhelming. So the mind will justify the reasons for that desire, in order to defend the behaviour in question. And the decision to fulfil that desire is an easier option than to try to go against it.

  • 2.The real reason. This food craving desire can be found at source, when this first was created. A need was satisfied in some way at that time. So whenever a similar situation arose, the mind searches out a solution and replicates that behaviour in this case food craving. Often if you go to the root cause that would have been a perfectly sensible decision to take at that time. That emotion would have been satisfied and good intentions would be behind taking that particular action. This can work well for us, but if we try to stop there can be conflict between the rational decision to stop versus the need to continue.
end food cravings
3.An example of food craving A person feels stressed and eats something sweet and that offers a little distraction, so they may even eat more. For a while, at least, that has served as a temporary comfort from the anxiety. A solution to the stress is found. So the dopamine receptors in the mind are stimulated. This is the chemical that motivates us and when we activate these receptors we are hard-wired to do things again and again to receive more dopamine. This triggers the body`s reward factor and makes us feel good. So it can seem difficult to put a stop to this behaviour from happening again. Consequently, with repetition we create a habit that is hard to let go of.
4.Conclusion. Habits are driven by the subconscious mind, so that is what we need to address. Hypnosis connects with the subconscious mind and  gives the mind alternative solutions. So, if the stress levels are covered up by craving sweet foods then the mind can learn to create an alternative method of satisfying these food cravings stress levels that does not involve food. In this way regaining control over cravings can easily end. There is no denial, no withdrawals, no frustration, no fear of failing instead just an end to the conflict between rational decision to end food cravings and the inner urge to binge.

Every-one self-hypnotises – as soon as a person does anything automatically, this naturally accesses the subconscious mind and this also happens when in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy gives the mind the desired direction to allow change to happen naturally. Consequently Ivertherapy is a natural process, no dieting, just results. E nd food cravings today with Ivertherapy





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