Six Top Tips for a stress free life


Before applying the six top tips for a stress free life, we need to get a better understanding of the impact this can have upon people. Modern day life puts us under many pressures, bringing up children and meeting their needs, work, poor relationships, family disagreements, traffic jams,  money, to name but a few. Prehistoric man needed stress to activate the fight or flight mode. This was to survive the many dangers he had to face. Modern day man under stress however has the same adrenalin, noradrenaline and cortisol pumping around his body, as the heart quickens, blood leaves the extremities to go to the muscles, digestion slows, sugar production increases so everything can be utilised at prime efficiency. If there is no real threat, all this is still waiting to be released and over time consistent stress builds up like a pressure valve as this needs to be released.

This can affect our health in many ways; making us edgy, poor immunity, sluggish digestion, high blood pressure, insomnia, the list is endless, as every part of your body is affected.  Stress is not about the event but the reaction to the event, so never underestimate how important it is to not overreact and learn how to have a calmer perspective on life.

Stress can be useful if used constructively. Many actors embrace a little stress as this can help their performance. Whereas there are others if they allow it in, would go to pieces and forget their lines. So stress can help performance whatever task  you may face. It can also depend on what else is happening in your life as to how you cope with those anxieties that creep in. It`s all about mindset; do you think this man seems unduly worried or is this just another day at the office for him ?


Top Tips for a Stress free life

  1. Never feel guilty but take time out to enjoy relaxing.

  2. Exercise as this releases endorphins, life`s natural feel good factor.

  3. Sit and take several slow deep breathes. Be aware of whereabouts you are holding on to the tension. Release this, on each out breathe and breathe in calm.

  4. Reflect on what areas of your life where stress affects you.

  5. Decide on how you can change this.

  6.  If it is something you can`t change, allow yourself to be open to achieve a different perspective.

Hypnotherapy can give you that control over the onset of unwanted stress. Ivertherapy works with you so you can learn how to create a whole new perspective, moving away from that feeling of overwhelm. We use a blend of different techniques so giving you the means to empower yourself and help you have a stress free life.

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