Quit Smoking in 1 day

Quit smoking in 1 day can be easy.Hypnotherapy gets fast results and    makes giving up cigarettes  possible.Without cravings and without weight gain. Are you having a struggle with quitting cigarettes?  If this is true, complete the following 3 questions. This will help you to start targeting your weaker moments.

*1st :   ask yourself the reasons why you smoke.                                                                                   Write a list  –  stressed out  –   bored  –  to help concentration  –  relaxing  –        or simply  enjoy  –  anything other reasons ?

*2nd :  ask yourself what situations leads you to smoking a cigarette.                                                 Write a list  –  at the end of a meal  –   before going to bed  –  with a drink  –  on the phone  –  maybe you can add more ?        

Note on List 1 and 2 – These are the associations you have established with cigarettes that triggers and perpetuates the habit.  Start to be aware of these feelings and situations and do something else instead.  

*3rd :  ask yourself what are your reasons for quitting                                                                           Do this for you primarily, not to please some-one else; make quitting your decision. Write a list of how quitting smoking benefits you personally. Then add the other people in your life it will positively affect.

Note on List 3  –   Keep the reasons all in the positive and as specific as possible. For instance, if you are wheezy every morning,  ” I don`t want to wheeze ”  will be   turned around to…               ” I will breathe easier when I get up each morning. ”    “My breath will be fresh,   I will save money,  I can run around with my children…  anything that resonates with you. Write them down and read them every day as  a personal reminder.  

  Contact me if you want help compiling your lists.                                                                ivertherapy@gmail.com for more quit smoking tips. 

     We are not born smokers

Ask any child and they view cigarettes as smelly and quite unpleasant. Children learn by following adult example, so eventually may turn to smoking as this can be normalised and even glamorized by the need to be grown up and fit in with their peer group.

 Cast your mind back to your first cigarette and recall if you had feelings of dizziness and nausea.This is your inner mind protecting you from the damage that cigarette is causing. Smoking cigarettes is learned by over-riding your natural response to smokingBy repetition, a habit is then established and a smoker is born.                    

The mechanics and drivers that influence smoking are way below conscious decision, so it is far easier to use hypnotherapy, as this changes the way we view smoking. Hypnosis helps alleviate quit smoking side effects.

Helping you identify what drives your smoking routine and the mechanics that lie behind it is half the battle. I am an expert in my field , so why go it alone ?   Whether it is in one session or more my comprehensive package gives you complete support throughout, empowering you to take total control and put an end to nicotine and cigarettes, once and for all.  Yes,  if you choose, you can quit in just one day with Ivertherapy.You will learn how to stop smoking cigarettes by restoring your natural-born ability to be some-one who has no propensity to want or need cigarettes.

Ten important facts you should know about smoking 

Give up cigarettes without any cravings and gain all the benefits with Ivertherapy : Amazing fast results, contact me now for more details :              Linda – 07900497775.  



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