How to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

how to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

How to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy is easier than you may realise. Once a person learns how to recognise the trigger and to stay in control, they are on the way to overcoming the phobia.                                 So, how do you get rid of a phobia ?                                  Panic originates from an external cue, which in turn triggers an internal response of fear. The cure for a phobia lies in weakening the bond between the fear stimulus and fear response.                                   Hypnotherapy allows you to view the fear calmly, so the fear response is neutralised.

how to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

Do you need to know what initiated the fear?                                              It can be useful, but also can be overcome, if it`s simply a fear.           When do fears become phobias ?                                                             A fear, if ignored over time, often will not go away and in fact, will run the risk of intensifying the feeling that triggers the fear. This can then develop into a full blown phobia.                                                             What is the difference between phobias and fears ?                                  Fears are easier to control, whereas dealing with phobias may appear impossible.You will have an over powering urge to avoid that situation under any circumstances, believing that your very survival is at risk. You will in fact, feel that you are under threat and this will initiate the fight or flight response. So you will do anything in your power to keep away from any similar future situations.                                                                         Top 10 fears *

how to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

Top fear – Fear of Flying                                                                                        Are you nervous just at the thought about booking a holiday abroad? And as the time gets nearer the more intense the feelings become. The day to fly out  is viewed with a deep seated dread.                     Well,there is no need to suffer anymore. Ivertherapy puts you back in control through hypnosis and relaxation techniques.

how to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

The holiday will no longer be blighted with anxieties about the return flight. You can enjoy your holiday completely from start to finish. From booking right through to the return flight home.

Maybe your fear is something more diverse ?  You are not alone. Here`s a list of strange phobias-

how to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

 Scared ?  Feel nauseaous ?  Panicy ?                                                             This technique works for any anxieties-

Identify the particular emotion that initiates the anxiousness and then learn to neutralize this:

  • Imagine your fist is a powerful magnet and any tension you feel in your body are iron filings.

  • Think about where in your body you feel that tension.

  • Take a few deep breaths and very slowly draw together all the tension away from you and attract it all into a large bundle into your fist  as you gently clench it.

how to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

  • As you clench your fist, you attract more and more tension away from your body and into your fist.

  • On a slow out breathe,relax your body as you  release  your fist and flick the tensions far away into the distance. Notice tension leaving your body.

  • Repeat this until you restore calm.

  • The more you practice this, the easier and quicker you can restore control.

This is just one of the many ways that I teach to overcome any type of anxiety.Once you are physically relaxed,then it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to go into panic mode.

Hypnotherapy is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of phobia.

You no longer have to live within the parameters of those self imposed limitations that you are forced to live under.There is one part of you that wants to be released from this. While another is reluctant. But there is no need-                                                               Ivertherapy leads you into a comfortably cure without any unecessary fear, without any undue stress.                                       Ivertherapy               * Hypnotherapy at it`s best *



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