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How To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables

How to get kids to eat vegetables.

This may seem like an impossible task, especially if your child is a fussy eater. We all know that we should all be eating our five a day in fact, some now state seven. So, let`s start by educating our children’s eating habits. Easier said than done ?  Try our top tips to get your child to eat more vegetables (and fruits) –                                                                                                                                 1.Make kids meal times fun. Don`t deferentiate the food groups,just allow them to enjoy eating what is on their plate, so it won`t be a chore.                       2. When you shop, get the children to choose the vegetables and to weigh them, so they are involved. If they are old enough, they can even help to prepare and cook the meal.

how to get kids to eat vegetables3. Children learn by example, so if you are enthusiastic and take pleasure in eating vegetables, this will be more natural for them to copy.                                4.Don`t make  a big fuss when they do eat vegetables; it`s food and accept that it is normal to enjoy.                                                                                                     5.Telling children it`s good for them means nothing to them. They are not worried about good health. Think about what is important to them, possibly they may want to be taller, longer hair, strong muscles. That is far more effective.                                                                                                                                       6. Children like their food eaten separately, so don`t give them too much of a selection, just make it attractive and a bit of color, so the meal looks appetising.                                                                                                                                   7. Leaving vegetables raw with a small dip  is  a good way of introducing new flavours. When you do cook vegetables, you can leave them el dente, so they maintain their texture.                                                                                                           8.  Other ideas are to roast them;  add a little cheese;  top with bread crumbs; mashed and make veggies into shapes with pastry cutters; skewer a selection and grill or barbecue or liquidise in soups.

JUST FOR FUN-  One sneaky way to help you along !

What`s this to do with Hypnotherapy ? Well, here`s  a fruit and vegetable fact; not only will our children be healthier and less likely to be overweight but most habits are established in childhood. So, it makes sense that we start to establish good eating habits when they are young. Make veggies and fruit part of their daily diet so heathy eating is a natural progression into adulthood.

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Top Ten Tips To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

Top Ten tips to stop yo-yo dieting  to get the start you need and find out how to maintain your weight loss. So you have decided this is the year you are going to be slim and stay slim.   Re-evaluating your diet and life style is good. Crucial question is how to lose weight easily; there is so much information out there, so how to stop yo yo dieting try to find the best way. Trying similar methods again and expect different results is not.   If you had an alarm clock that kept time but failed to wake you up, would you continue oversleeping or get a new clock. Of course you would want to end the risk of oversleeping. No point in expecting what doesn`t work to miraculously be any different. In the same way, realise you need to know what works for you. Something different means it is time to wake up and realise that now you can get a whole new mindset with hypnosis to End yo-yo dieting completely because once you achieve the size you are happy with, the weight stays off. Consequently you can end the risk to your health and the struggle to maintain your weight loss. No longer having to watch your weight and what you are allowed to eat. Consider these ten top tips to stop yo yo dieting below when trying to lose weight. 

1. Eat fully focused. Eating in front of the t.v. or on the move may not allow you to feel satisfied. If we do not feel satiated, it is all too easy to search for something that will meet your criteria and lead to snacking indiscriminately. 2.Decide if you are hungry or thirsty. If you feel hungry inbetween meals, test first that you are not simply thirsty. Realise that the message for hunger or thirst is the same. 3.If you are genuinely hungry inbetween meals, eat. If you ignore that message, the body will go into starvation mode and slow everything down. 4.Exercise. This does not necessarily mean be a gym bunny.You can park the car a little further away, take the stairs instead of a lift,move about a bit. Everything we do burns calories. 5.Make your own meals. This is not only healthier than convenience foods but often will contain less fat, sugar,salt and calories. Even the ones that claim they are lower in whatever, at least if you cook it, you know what is in your meal. 6.Have breakfast. Breakfast sets you up for the day. 7.Get a restful nights sleep. Amongst other factors, your body neeeds time to replenish ghrenlin, the hormine that regulates our hunger factor. 8.Try to manage any stress. Keeping stress levels down keeps the body running efficiently. If under pressure, the digestive system slows, allowing the stress response to have priority. 9.There are no good and bad foods. Don`t categorise foods in your head, just understand that some foods are more beneficial to us.Denying yourself anything always makes it more attractive. So, if you fancy that donut, have it, just control it and eat slowly and mindfully. In this way you are aware of eating it and can enjoy it, then are more liable to rationally decide if you really do want another. 10. At each meal time, leave a little food. Even if it is a small sliver of food. In doing this you will give the message to your mind that you are full. The mind will be influenced to stay satisfied until the next meal. Working out calories often needs  a maths degree, don`t you agree ?

Hypnotherapy can give you back the control over food. Ivertherapy works with you so you can learn how to create a whole new perspective, moving away from your unwanted habits. Helping you take the emotional content out of the ingredients so you can stop overeating and end food cravings. We use a blend of different techniques so giving you the means to empower yourself and help you lose weight and stop yo yo dieting for good.

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End Food Cravings

end food cravings

End food cravings.So what’s next? You decide you want to be slimmer. However, change is not easy, as we do not like change, even if it is for the better. Nor do habits change automatically. Understanding a little bit more about your eating habits and food cravings is essential.This is where hypnotherapy can help you get the desired results by giving you the right mindset for healthy eating habits.Hypnotherapy is proven to work and is the most effective way to end food cravings, once and for all. 

A brief explanation. We are all capable of cravings. Whether it`s for chocolate, fizzy drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, whatever that urge is for. The fact is a craving is driven by emotions and as we all know emotions are often irrational and can be overwhelming. So the mind will justify the reasons for that desire, in order to defend the behaviour in question. And the decision to fulfil that desire is an easier option than to try to go against it.

  • 2.The real reason. This food craving desire can be found at source, when this first was created. A need was satisfied in some way at that time. So whenever a similar situation arose, the mind searches out a solution and replicates that behaviour in this case food craving. Often if you go to the root cause that would have been a perfectly sensible decision to take at that time. That emotion would have been satisfied and good intentions would be behind taking that particular action. This can work well for us, but if we try to stop there can be conflict between the rational decision to stop versus the need to continue.
end food cravings
3.An example of food craving A person feels stressed and eats something sweet and that offers a little distraction, so they may even eat more. For a while, at least, that has served as a temporary comfort from the anxiety. A solution to the stress is found. So the dopamine receptors in the mind are stimulated. This is the chemical that motivates us and when we activate these receptors we are hard-wired to do things again and again to receive more dopamine. This triggers the body`s reward factor and makes us feel good. So it can seem difficult to put a stop to this behaviour from happening again. Consequently, with repetition we create a habit that is hard to let go of.
4.Conclusion. Habits are driven by the subconscious mind, so that is what we need to address. Hypnosis connects with the subconscious mind and  gives the mind alternative solutions. So, if the stress levels are covered up by craving sweet foods then the mind can learn to create an alternative method of satisfying these food cravings stress levels that does not involve food. In this way regaining control over cravings can easily end. There is no denial, no withdrawals, no frustration, no fear of failing instead just an end to the conflict between rational decision to end food cravings and the inner urge to binge.

Every-one self-hypnotises – as soon as a person does anything automatically, this naturally accesses the subconscious mind and this also happens when in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy gives the mind the desired direction to allow change to happen naturally. Consequently Ivertherapy is a natural process, no dieting, just results. E nd food cravings today with Ivertherapy


Waste to Waist !

Many people are taught as children not to be wasteful. Fine when you are a child. Take this forward to adult life and eating everything that is on your plate could have developed into an unwelcome habit.  Habits often can be so deep-rooted, it seems a mammoth task to change.  This is due to not working in the  place the habit is stored ;   the drivers that almost as if by magic  “make us overeat. ”  Hypnotherapy works alongside of habits, so can gently ease you into  a more preferable way of thinking and        behaving.                                                                                                                                                                Throwing out what we do not need to eat is not a waste.  With only a few hypnotherapy sessions you can automatically eat less food each meal-time , so in turn you will  serve up less on your plate. So you can find your waist again, hence “waste to waist.”