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Hypnotherapy weight loss advice

1.Avoid the term “lose” weight.
Think about it; when you lose something what do you do? Yes, you try to find it and get it back again.
2.Always think in the positive.
Stop using must not, should not .. but I will, I prefer.. The mind does not recognise negatives, only positives . For instance – DO NOT think of a Mars bar…… .. you probably have though!
3.Get a good night`s sleep.
Lack of sleep can lead to overeating. This is because the body has not adequately replenished the serotonin levels; serotonin activates the “feel good” factor. This can lead to craving carbohydrates and fatty foods.
4.Drink adequate water.
Water helps to flush out the toxins stored in body fat. The signal that you are hungry is the same as thirsty, so, especially in between meals always check this out first. If you are still genuinely hungry have a healthy snack.
5.Limit alcohol.
Not just empty calories but you may be tempted to eat rubbish- same problem the next day if you have a hangover.
6.Think why you want to drop weight.
Make sure it is for yourself and not to please some-one else. Then give yourself an achievable target and set a date to aim for.
7. Visualization; ( best as you first wake or just before you sleep )
Imagine your day ahead, anticipating any weak moments and how you will overcome them and imagine how you want to look; this can be the final result or step by step.
Hypnotherapy gets results everytime, no diets, no gimmicks, just dropping weight naturally.

Quitting Smoking?

I thought I would offer a little verse- To those who consider being a smoker a curse- And if you have tried to stop, yet again- And all that willpower applied was all in vain- For real friends would not sneakily destroy your health- And manipulate your time,steal your wealth- If you feel, at last the time has come- Consider hypnotherapy, it works,…and it can be fun!