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Weight loss hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you need help losing weight. But you can enjoy effective weight loss with hypnotherapy.                                                                                Fast weight loss diets are not a healthy way to lose weight. If you want healthy weight loss, the best way to lose weight is slimming down gradually.                                                                                                    Quick weight loss leads to a slow metabolism and encourages food cravings and bingeing. The chances are that you will gradually pile back the pounds once again.                                                                           

hypnosis for weight

It is time to STOP being a serial yo-yo dieter!

Do you find weight loss diets a chore and you find that the weight creeps back on afterwards anyway? Hypnotherapy is for you.            Do you want to fit into whatever clothes you want;  knowing that they look will good on you ? Hypnotherapy is for you.                                

hypnosis for weight lossSo, does hypnosis work for weight loss and if so how to lose weight ? Well, you need to identify your unwanted eating habits and by using hypnosis for weight loss they will no longer continue to influence you.

                     Image result for question mark image                                                          Because you change to a healthier life style and start losing weight , as you know, this doesn`t mean that you won`t eventually return back to your old habits. This is because the part of your mind that maintained the habits will be in the background waiting for an opportunity to hurl you back into those old familiar routines.  yes, but WHY ?

When you keep doing something in the same way often enough, you will have created a habit. Let`s say, for instance, every time you have an afternoon cuppa, you have a biscuit with it, this forms a habit. Then, if you stop having that biscuit, it will feel strange and unfamiliar. So, by deciding you need to lose weight, this is only half the story… let`s provide you with the other half.

                                   The mind runs on two integral parts; conscious and subconscious. Consciously you decide that you need to lose weight and make the decision to start a healthy diet. However, the subconscious mind still runs the old programmes, in this example, the biscuit going with a cuppa. Whenever you decide to do something, the mind looks to the subconscious for agreement, as the subconscious is the boss.                 Habits are automatic actions; something you have always done and the subconscious mind holds the belief that it is what you should continue to do, without question. So, despite all that hard work to stick to your diet plans and lose weight, before you know it, “the boss” will persuade you to return back to your old ways, yet again.

Consequently it`s that part of you that won`t let go of all those unwanted eating habits  where the changes need to happen. Just taking the decision    ” I want to lose weight ”   is not enough.


Doing something different means that you need a whole new mindset, not just a small part of you…..but again- how ?

Your subconscious thoughts need to support your weight loss plan as they are still running the old eating habits.  Consequently as hypnosis is a direct line to those inner thoughts, with the skill of a hypnotherapist, you can actually  change those thoughts and end yo-yo dieting once and for all !                      

Hypnotherapy is the best way to lose weight

                                                                 Eureka ! yes the weight really does stay off ! 

  • Hypnotherapy for permanent weight loss.
  • A natural and safe solution.                     
  • No embarrassing weigh-ins.
  • Effective weight loss without weight loss products or shakes or pills.         
  • Naturally preferring the right amount of the right type of foods.                
  • The mind will be happy to stay satisfied until the next meal.        
  • End craving certain foods and be back in control again.                                     

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Stop smoking made easy with hypnosis.

Stop smoking made easy with hypnosis. Hypnosis gets fast results, without a struggle. No cravings, no weight gain, no denial and no fear about the unknown.

Do you find you don`t really enjoy smoking cigarettes ?                                             Do you worry about the risks of smoking ?                                                                     Have you tried to quit smoking before and then started again ?                           Are you wondering how to quit smoking cigarettes?                                                   If you had a magic formulae that would help you stop without any smoking withdrawal symptoms or weight gain, would you consider using this ?

Does hypnotherapy work ?  Well, it`s not magic, but it will surprise you how you can quit smoking easily by working with an expert hypnotherapist at Ivertherapy.

Stop smoking made easy with hypnosis.The smoking habit itself, like any habit  is under the control of the part of your mind that runs on routines and thus hates change. The only way this part will change comfortably is when you stop smoking with hypnosis.

You can end the feeling that smoking is part of your identity and subsequently your life. Think about this. You are never a smoker; you are just some-one who smokes cigarettes; it is the cigarettes that smoke !  This means smoking a cigarette is not part of you as a person, but an external action. Hypnosis ends that fear of being without cigarettes at your side and will give you the motivation to move confidently towards a healthier future.

Stop smoking made easy with hypnosis.

We find out your reasons for smoking – possibly to relax, to concentrate, to socialize,maybe it just feels “right” to smoke in certain situations, such as last thing at night or when having a drink. Probably some other reasons or a blend of these.                                                                                                                                 With the help of Ivertherapy you can feel completely different about smoking by targeting your reasons so your need for a cigarette no longer exists.          The fact is this will allow you to realise that you have quit nothing at all …. and means that you have gained all the advantages that are important to you that being a happy non-smoker brings about.

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A Report on Hypnosis Myths and Facts

A report on hypnosis myths and facts. Because there are many misconceptions about hypnosis in clinical hypnotherapy we hope to dispel these this month.

Lesson 1Skeletons in The Closet

Under hypnosis, you will not reveal anything about yourself that you do not wish to. You will not say or do anything out of character. In fact you are more on your guard and alert to anything that may threaten your safety and wellbeing, as your mind will be fully focused.

Each session is explained briefly beforehand and you can run through any questions that you may have. The majority of sessions when under hypnosis, it not usually necessary to enquire on anything, unless it is to make an evaluation on what progress is being made towards the desired outcome.

What needs to remain private stays private.Added to this, sessions are always  confidential and you will never be judged. Hypnotherapy works, so why go it alone, when professional advice and help will get the results you want.


Lesson 2- Only for weak-willed stupid people

 The reverse is true. The best clients are those who are intelligent and have a vivid imagination. However, there is no such thing as good or bad hypnosis, because hypnosis works for every-one. So,you can still be helped if you are not particularly imaginative, although I find with a bit of encouragement, most people are more creative than what they think they are !

Think of your favourite room in the house,close your eyes and remember what`s in the room…. now describe something in it … see you can imagine, can`t you?                                                                                                                               Do you sometimes get anxious ? Well, that is using your imagination to create what might happen. When you employ the services of a professional hypnotherapist, you can then learn to create a better future. All this, while benefiting from the totally relaxing experience of hypnosis. 


 Lesson 3-  Look into my eyes

 If you do not want to be hypnotised, you won`t be. There are many theories that are quite unfounded. There is no bad hypnosis. There is no mind control. The reason people go to a clinical hypnotherapist is for help. Hypnosis works only with willing participants.                                                                                      You would never do anything that you wouldn`t do or say normally.  So you can talk and look at a hypnotherapist, but no-one can “do hypnosis” for you. A hypnotherapist guides you to hypnotize yourself.

Lesson 4- Getting stuck in hypnosis

People self-hypnotise throughout the day and naturally bring themselves back out of hypnosis. Watching a film, reading a book, driving on a familiar route, in fact anything that takes you into “automatic pilot ” is all self hypnosis. This frees up the conscious part of the brain to get on with day-to-day decisions.                                                                                                                  Clients often enjoy the total relaxation that hypnotherapy brings about, so may be reluctant to return to their full alert state. This is similar to being in a day-dream and you may feel you don`t want to come out of it, as it feels so euphoric. Once instructed to return to full alertness. the mind will oblige, as the subconscious is always attentive.

Additionally, in an emergency, the subconscious mind will within an instant, activate the survival instinct. It will take over and bring you instantly out of hypnosis as it puts you on high alert. This is the subconcious`s prime objective, to protect and serve. No logic, just action.

Lesson 5- You are feeling Sleepy.

BUT you will not fall asleep while in hypnosis, unless the session is particularly boring or you are tired!

Hypnotherapy gives people the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful feeling of tranquillity as attention is aimed towards letting go of tension within the body. The mind can then concentrate on a new perspective in order to gain an insight into making the changes required.

Under hypnosis people can be totally relaxed but definitely not asleep. The mind is fully focused on the steps needed to achieve those life changing results.You will be totally alert once the hypnotherapist has counted you back into the room.                                  Neither will you sleep at will, if commanded – that is tricks left to stage shows and tv. Stage hypnosis is different from clinical hypnosis on many levels. Stage hypnosis is there merely for entertainment and the people who participate are willing volunteers, as no-one would behave against their character as you will find the volunteers are extrovert characters and are happy to be up on stage for a laugh  ………..       for instance thinking they are James Brown or dancing erotically.

Here`s  a video that demonstrates that we are easily led to believe facts and become influenced by them. This is why advertisers spend thousands of pounds to tell us we need to purchase their particular brand.                                                                                           Hypnotherapists use hypnosis in a positive way and only have your best interests at heart. 

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Quit Smoking in 1 day

Quit smoking in 1 day can be easy.Hypnotherapy gets fast results and    makes giving up cigarettes  possible.Without cravings and without weight gain. Are you having a struggle with quitting cigarettes?  If this is true, complete the following 3 questions. This will help you to start targeting your weaker moments.

*1st :   ask yourself the reasons why you smoke.                                                                                   Write a list  –  stressed out  –   bored  –  to help concentration  –  relaxing  –        or simply  enjoy  –  anything other reasons ?

*2nd :  ask yourself what situations leads you to smoking a cigarette.                                                 Write a list  –  at the end of a meal  –   before going to bed  –  with a drink  –  on the phone  –  maybe you can add more ?        

Note on List 1 and 2 – These are the associations you have established with cigarettes that triggers and perpetuates the habit.  Start to be aware of these feelings and situations and do something else instead.  

*3rd :  ask yourself what are your reasons for quitting                                                                           Do this for you primarily, not to please some-one else; make quitting your decision. Write a list of how quitting smoking benefits you personally. Then add the other people in your life it will positively affect.

Note on List 3  –   Keep the reasons all in the positive and as specific as possible. For instance, if you are wheezy every morning,  ” I don`t want to wheeze ”  will be   turned around to…               ” I will breathe easier when I get up each morning. ”    “My breath will be fresh,   I will save money,  I can run around with my children…  anything that resonates with you. Write them down and read them every day as  a personal reminder.  

  Contact me if you want help compiling your lists.                                                       for more quit smoking tips. 

     We are not born smokers

Ask any child and they view cigarettes as smelly and quite unpleasant. Children learn by following adult example, so eventually may turn to smoking as this can be normalised and even glamorized by the need to be grown up and fit in with their peer group.

 Cast your mind back to your first cigarette and recall if you had feelings of dizziness and nausea.This is your inner mind protecting you from the damage that cigarette is causing. Smoking cigarettes is learned by over-riding your natural response to smokingBy repetition, a habit is then established and a smoker is born.                    

The mechanics and drivers that influence smoking are way below conscious decision, so it is far easier to use hypnotherapy, as this changes the way we view smoking. Hypnosis helps alleviate quit smoking side effects.

Helping you identify what drives your smoking routine and the mechanics that lie behind it is half the battle. I am an expert in my field , so why go it alone ?   Whether it is in one session or more my comprehensive package gives you complete support throughout, empowering you to take total control and put an end to nicotine and cigarettes, once and for all.  Yes,  if you choose, you can quit in just one day with Ivertherapy.You will learn how to stop smoking cigarettes by restoring your natural-born ability to be some-one who has no propensity to want or need cigarettes.

Ten important facts you should know about smoking 

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Top Ten Tips To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

Top Ten tips to stop yo-yo dieting  to get the start you need and find out how to maintain your weight loss. So you have decided this is the year you are going to be slim and stay slim.   Re-evaluating your diet and life style is good. Crucial question is how to lose weight easily; there is so much information out there, so how to stop yo yo dieting try to find the best way. Trying similar methods again and expect different results is not.   If you had an alarm clock that kept time but failed to wake you up, would you continue oversleeping or get a new clock. Of course you would want to end the risk of oversleeping. No point in expecting what doesn`t work to miraculously be any different. In the same way, realise you need to know what works for you. Something different means it is time to wake up and realise that now you can get a whole new mindset with hypnosis to End yo-yo dieting completely because once you achieve the size you are happy with, the weight stays off. Consequently you can end the risk to your health and the struggle to maintain your weight loss. No longer having to watch your weight and what you are allowed to eat. Consider these ten top tips to stop yo yo dieting below when trying to lose weight. 

1. Eat fully focused. Eating in front of the t.v. or on the move may not allow you to feel satisfied. If we do not feel satiated, it is all too easy to search for something that will meet your criteria and lead to snacking indiscriminately. 2.Decide if you are hungry or thirsty. If you feel hungry inbetween meals, test first that you are not simply thirsty. Realise that the message for hunger or thirst is the same. 3.If you are genuinely hungry inbetween meals, eat. If you ignore that message, the body will go into starvation mode and slow everything down. 4.Exercise. This does not necessarily mean be a gym bunny.You can park the car a little further away, take the stairs instead of a lift,move about a bit. Everything we do burns calories. 5.Make your own meals. This is not only healthier than convenience foods but often will contain less fat, sugar,salt and calories. Even the ones that claim they are lower in whatever, at least if you cook it, you know what is in your meal. 6.Have breakfast. Breakfast sets you up for the day. 7.Get a restful nights sleep. Amongst other factors, your body neeeds time to replenish ghrenlin, the hormine that regulates our hunger factor. 8.Try to manage any stress. Keeping stress levels down keeps the body running efficiently. If under pressure, the digestive system slows, allowing the stress response to have priority. 9.There are no good and bad foods. Don`t categorise foods in your head, just understand that some foods are more beneficial to us.Denying yourself anything always makes it more attractive. So, if you fancy that donut, have it, just control it and eat slowly and mindfully. In this way you are aware of eating it and can enjoy it, then are more liable to rationally decide if you really do want another. 10. At each meal time, leave a little food. Even if it is a small sliver of food. In doing this you will give the message to your mind that you are full. The mind will be influenced to stay satisfied until the next meal. Working out calories often needs  a maths degree, don`t you agree ?

Hypnotherapy can give you back the control over food. Ivertherapy works with you so you can learn how to create a whole new perspective, moving away from your unwanted habits. Helping you take the emotional content out of the ingredients so you can stop overeating and end food cravings. We use a blend of different techniques so giving you the means to empower yourself and help you lose weight and stop yo yo dieting for good.

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End Food Cravings

end food cravings

End food cravings.So what’s next? You decide you want to be slimmer. However, change is not easy, as we do not like change, even if it is for the better. Nor do habits change automatically. Understanding a little bit more about your eating habits and food cravings is essential.This is where hypnotherapy can help you get the desired results by giving you the right mindset for healthy eating habits.Hypnotherapy is proven to work and is the most effective way to end food cravings, once and for all. 

A brief explanation. We are all capable of cravings. Whether it`s for chocolate, fizzy drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, whatever that urge is for. The fact is a craving is driven by emotions and as we all know emotions are often irrational and can be overwhelming. So the mind will justify the reasons for that desire, in order to defend the behaviour in question. And the decision to fulfil that desire is an easier option than to try to go against it.

  • 2.The real reason. This food craving desire can be found at source, when this first was created. A need was satisfied in some way at that time. So whenever a similar situation arose, the mind searches out a solution and replicates that behaviour in this case food craving. Often if you go to the root cause that would have been a perfectly sensible decision to take at that time. That emotion would have been satisfied and good intentions would be behind taking that particular action. This can work well for us, but if we try to stop there can be conflict between the rational decision to stop versus the need to continue.
end food cravings
3.An example of food craving A person feels stressed and eats something sweet and that offers a little distraction, so they may even eat more. For a while, at least, that has served as a temporary comfort from the anxiety. A solution to the stress is found. So the dopamine receptors in the mind are stimulated. This is the chemical that motivates us and when we activate these receptors we are hard-wired to do things again and again to receive more dopamine. This triggers the body`s reward factor and makes us feel good. So it can seem difficult to put a stop to this behaviour from happening again. Consequently, with repetition we create a habit that is hard to let go of.
4.Conclusion. Habits are driven by the subconscious mind, so that is what we need to address. Hypnosis connects with the subconscious mind and  gives the mind alternative solutions. So, if the stress levels are covered up by craving sweet foods then the mind can learn to create an alternative method of satisfying these food cravings stress levels that does not involve food. In this way regaining control over cravings can easily end. There is no denial, no withdrawals, no frustration, no fear of failing instead just an end to the conflict between rational decision to end food cravings and the inner urge to binge.

Every-one self-hypnotises – as soon as a person does anything automatically, this naturally accesses the subconscious mind and this also happens when in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy gives the mind the desired direction to allow change to happen naturally. Consequently Ivertherapy is a natural process, no dieting, just results. E nd food cravings today with Ivertherapy


Easter Eggs and chocolate cravings?

Spring is in the air and Easter approaches. All good, unless you are trying to  diet. If you find you binge on chocolate and find the urge is over whelming, fear not ! Provided there is a part of you that wants to change a behavior, hypnosis can help the other part to be in line with your wishes. So what may have seemed to be an addiction is nothing more than a distant thought.                                                                                                                                                                                                          We create our own habits and behaviors, we are not born craving chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol even. So does it not make sense we can just as easily re-create new habits that are more in line with the person you are today.Hypnotherapy relaxes and focuses the mind so you do not need willpower. Instead we work with you and not against, so you can implement change as a natural process.                                      Happy Easter from Ivertherapy !