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Stop smoking made easy with hypnosis.

Stop smoking made easy with hypnosis. Hypnosis gets fast results, without a struggle. No cravings, no weight gain, no denial and no fear about the unknown.

Do you find you don`t really enjoy smoking cigarettes ?                                             Do you worry about the risks of smoking ?                                                                     Have you tried to quit smoking before and then started again ?                           Are you wondering how to quit smoking cigarettes?                                                   If you had a magic formulae that would help you stop without any smoking withdrawal symptoms or weight gain, would you consider using this ?

Does hypnotherapy work ?  Well, it`s not magic, but it will surprise you how you can quit smoking easily by working with an expert hypnotherapist at Ivertherapy.

Stop smoking made easy with hypnosis.The smoking habit itself, like any habit  is under the control of the part of your mind that runs on routines and thus hates change. The only way this part will change comfortably is when you stop smoking with hypnosis.

You can end the feeling that smoking is part of your identity and subsequently your life. Think about this. You are never a smoker; you are just some-one who smokes cigarettes; it is the cigarettes that smoke !  This means smoking a cigarette is not part of you as a person, but an external action. Hypnosis ends that fear of being without cigarettes at your side and will give you the motivation to move confidently towards a healthier future.

Stop smoking made easy with hypnosis.

We find out your reasons for smoking – possibly to relax, to concentrate, to socialize,maybe it just feels “right” to smoke in certain situations, such as last thing at night or when having a drink. Probably some other reasons or a blend of these.                                                                                                                                 With the help of Ivertherapy you can feel completely different about smoking by targeting your reasons so your need for a cigarette no longer exists.          The fact is this will allow you to realise that you have quit nothing at all …. and means that you have gained all the advantages that are important to you that being a happy non-smoker brings about.


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Stoptober or not Stoptober that is the question?


The NHS is encouraging smokers to stop for October.

              Brilliant if you can stop for a month.But can you keep this going?

The smoking habit itself, like any habit  is under the control of your subconscious mind. This part runs on routines and thus hates change. The only way this part will change comfortably is to not only stop smoking but stop “being” a smoker.

Find out why you smoke- ask yourself is it to relax, to concentrate, to socialize, or simply you enjoy a smoke. Possibly some other reason or a blend of these. With the help of a skilled hypnotherapist you can have a completely different perspective on smoking so those reasons along with the desire to smoke no longer exist. There is no need to fear stopping and losing your identity. Think about this. You are never a smoker, just some-one who smokes cigarettes; it is the cigarettes that smoke. This means it is not part of you, but an external action. Hypnosis ends that fear and gives you confidence and pride to move towards a healthy outlook, for life.



10 Top Tips for Helping Stop Insomnia

1. Establish a bed-time routine. This means giving your body and mind the message you are starting to relax at least an hour before bed. Avoiding any mental stimulation such as the t.v. and computer- and keep these out of the bedroom.
2.Avoid alcohol,caffeine and products that incorporate caffeine.
3.Learn to switch off your mind. Have a notebook next to you,so you can then write it down. This can be sorted out in the morning, as your mind, after a good nights sleep, will be sharper and clearer.
4.Do not force yourself to sleep. You wouldn`t do it as a child, no doubt, so why would you now- you allow yourself to fall asleep, in your own good time.
5.Keep focused on the positives. Not what you don`t want, but what you do want – you want to relax and to wake up refreshed in the morning. Keep enforcing this and over time, your mind will accept this- and it will happen.
6.Keep the bedroom dark. Dusk stimulates us to get sleepy,and light stimulates us to naturaly wake.
7.Keep at a comfortable temperature. Your core body temperature will drop, so make sure your extremeties are kept warm, but don`t keep the room temperature high.
8.Turn your clock away from you.
9.Learn to visualise yourself going to bed, and sleeping throughout the night.
10.Check with your doctor that there are no medical reasons for insomnia. Often stress can be the main factor, and even when this situation has passed, we may still be holding onto the stress and need to learn to relax at night.

Sleep impacts heavily on our physical and mental health We are hard wired to sleep, so we are able to wake refreshed in the morning, suitably repaired and rested. Sometimes your sleep becomes disrupted and with repetiton becomes a tiresome habit- literally!
Restoring what is a natural instinct may seem impossible. Hypnotherapy can give you the results you require by changing old behaviours so easily restoring that inborn instinct.
The fact that Ivertherapy teaches people a series of techniques to help relax and maintain calm means you will Continue reading

Quitting Smoking?

I thought I would offer a little verse- To those who consider being a smoker a curse- And if you have tried to stop, yet again- And all that willpower applied was all in vain- For real friends would not sneakily destroy your health- And manipulate your time,steal your wealth- If you feel, at last the time has come- Consider hypnotherapy, it works,…and it can be fun!



Waste to Waist !

Many people are taught as children not to be wasteful. Fine when you are a child. Take this forward to adult life and eating everything that is on your plate could have developed into an unwelcome habit.  Habits often can be so deep-rooted, it seems a mammoth task to change.  This is due to not working in the  place the habit is stored ;   the drivers that almost as if by magic  “make us overeat. ”  Hypnotherapy works alongside of habits, so can gently ease you into  a more preferable way of thinking and        behaving.                                                                                                                                                                Throwing out what we do not need to eat is not a waste.  With only a few hypnotherapy sessions you can automatically eat less food each meal-time , so in turn you will  serve up less on your plate. So you can find your waist again, hence “waste to waist.”                 http://www.ivertherapy.co.uk