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A Report on Hypnosis Myths and Facts

A report on hypnosis myths and facts. Because there are many misconceptions about hypnosis in clinical hypnotherapy we hope to dispel these this month.

Lesson 1Skeletons in The Closet

Under hypnosis, you will not reveal anything about yourself that you do not wish to. You will not say or do anything out of character. In fact you are more on your guard and alert to anything that may threaten your safety and wellbeing, as your mind will be fully focused.

Each session is explained briefly beforehand and you can run through any questions that you may have. The majority of sessions when under hypnosis, it not usually necessary to enquire on anything, unless it is to make an evaluation on what progress is being made towards the desired outcome.

What needs to remain private stays private.Added to this, sessions are always  confidential and you will never be judged. Hypnotherapy works, so why go it alone, when professional advice and help will get the results you want.


Lesson 2- Only for weak-willed stupid people

 The reverse is true. The best clients are those who are intelligent and have a vivid imagination. However, there is no such thing as good or bad hypnosis, because hypnosis works for every-one. So,you can still be helped if you are not particularly imaginative, although I find with a bit of encouragement, most people are more creative than what they think they are !

Think of your favourite room in the house,close your eyes and remember what`s in the room…. now describe something in it … see you can imagine, can`t you?                                                                                                                               Do you sometimes get anxious ? Well, that is using your imagination to create what might happen. When you employ the services of a professional hypnotherapist, you can then learn to create a better future. All this, while benefiting from the totally relaxing experience of hypnosis. 


 Lesson 3-  Look into my eyes

 If you do not want to be hypnotised, you won`t be. There are many theories that are quite unfounded. There is no bad hypnosis. There is no mind control. The reason people go to a clinical hypnotherapist is for help. Hypnosis works only with willing participants.                                                                                      You would never do anything that you wouldn`t do or say normally.  So you can talk and look at a hypnotherapist, but no-one can “do hypnosis” for you. A hypnotherapist guides you to hypnotize yourself.

Lesson 4- Getting stuck in hypnosis

People self-hypnotise throughout the day and naturally bring themselves back out of hypnosis. Watching a film, reading a book, driving on a familiar route, in fact anything that takes you into “automatic pilot ” is all self hypnosis. This frees up the conscious part of the brain to get on with day-to-day decisions.                                                                                                                  Clients often enjoy the total relaxation that hypnotherapy brings about, so may be reluctant to return to their full alert state. This is similar to being in a day-dream and you may feel you don`t want to come out of it, as it feels so euphoric. Once instructed to return to full alertness. the mind will oblige, as the subconscious is always attentive.

Additionally, in an emergency, the subconscious mind will within an instant, activate the survival instinct. It will take over and bring you instantly out of hypnosis as it puts you on high alert. This is the subconcious`s prime objective, to protect and serve. No logic, just action.

Lesson 5- You are feeling Sleepy.

BUT you will not fall asleep while in hypnosis, unless the session is particularly boring or you are tired!

Hypnotherapy gives people the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful feeling of tranquillity as attention is aimed towards letting go of tension within the body. The mind can then concentrate on a new perspective in order to gain an insight into making the changes required.

Under hypnosis people can be totally relaxed but definitely not asleep. The mind is fully focused on the steps needed to achieve those life changing results.You will be totally alert once the hypnotherapist has counted you back into the room.                                  Neither will you sleep at will, if commanded – that is tricks left to stage shows and tv. Stage hypnosis is different from clinical hypnosis on many levels. Stage hypnosis is there merely for entertainment and the people who participate are willing volunteers, as no-one would behave against their character as you will find the volunteers are extrovert characters and are happy to be up on stage for a laugh  ………..       for instance thinking they are James Brown or dancing erotically.

Here`s  a video that demonstrates that we are easily led to believe facts and become influenced by them. This is why advertisers spend thousands of pounds to tell us we need to purchase their particular brand.                                                                                           Hypnotherapists use hypnosis in a positive way and only have your best interests at heart. 

Have you any further questions regarding hypnotherapy?                       Contact Linda         –          ivertherapy@gmail.com




Easter Eggs and chocolate cravings?

Spring is in the air and Easter approaches. All good, unless you are trying to  diet. If you find you binge on chocolate and find the urge is over whelming, fear not ! Provided there is a part of you that wants to change a behavior, hypnosis can help the other part to be in line with your wishes. So what may have seemed to be an addiction is nothing more than a distant thought.                                                                                                                                                                                                          We create our own habits and behaviors, we are not born craving chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol even. So does it not make sense we can just as easily re-create new habits that are more in line with the person you are today.Hypnotherapy relaxes and focuses the mind so you do not need willpower. Instead we work with you and not against, so you can implement change as a natural process.                                      Happy Easter from Ivertherapy !