Weight loss hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you need help losing weight. But you can enjoy effective weight loss with hypnotherapy.                                                                                Fast weight loss diets are not a healthy way to lose weight. If you want healthy weight loss, the best way to lose weight is slimming down gradually.                                                                                                    Quick weight loss leads to a slow metabolism and encourages food cravings and bingeing. The chances are that you will gradually pile back the pounds once again.                                                                           

hypnosis for weight

It is time to STOP being a serial yo-yo dieter!

Do you find weight loss diets a chore and you find that the weight creeps back on afterwards anyway? Hypnotherapy is for you.            Do you want to fit into whatever clothes you want;  knowing that they look will good on you ? Hypnotherapy is for you.                                

hypnosis for weight lossSo, does hypnosis work for weight loss and if so how to lose weight ? Well, you need to identify your unwanted eating habits and by using hypnosis for weight loss they will no longer continue to influence you.

                     Image result for question mark image                                                          Because you change to a healthier life style and start losing weight , as you know, this doesn`t mean that you won`t eventually return back to your old habits. This is because the part of your mind that maintained the habits will be in the background waiting for an opportunity to hurl you back into those old familiar routines.  yes, but WHY ?


When you keep doing something in the same way often enough, you will have created a habit. Let`s say, for instance, every time you have an afternoon cuppa, you have a biscuit with it, this forms a habit. Then, if you stop having that biscuit, it will feel strange and unfamiliar. So, by deciding you need to lose weight, this is only half the story…..so let`s provide you with the other half.

                                   The mind runs on two integral parts; conscious and subconscious. Consciously you decide that you need to lose weight and make the decision to start a healthy diet. However, the subconscious mind still runs the old programmes, in this example, the biscuit going with a cuppa. Whenever you decide to do something, the mind looks to the subconscious for agreement, as the subconscious is the boss.                 Habits are automatic actions; something you have always done and the subconscious mind holds the belief that it is what you should continue to do, without question. So, despite all that hard work to stick to your diet plans and lose weight, before you know it, “the boss” will persuade you to return back to your old ways, yet again.

Consequently it`s that part of you that won`t let go of all those unwanted eating habits  where the changes need to happen. Just taking the decision    ” I want to lose weight ”   is not enough.


Doing something different means that you need a whole new mindset, not just a small part of you…..but again- how ?

Your subconscious thoughts need to support your weight loss plan as they are still running the old eating habits.  Consequently as hypnosis is a direct line to those inner thoughts, with the skill of a hypnotherapist, you can actually  change those thoughts and end yo-yo dieting once and for all !                              


Hypnotherapy is the best way to lose weight

                                                                 Eureka ! yes the weight really does stay off ! 

  • Hypnotherapy for permanent weight loss.
  • A natural and safe solution.                     
  • No embarrassing weigh-ins.
  • Effective weight loss without weight loss products or shakes or pills.         
  • Naturally preferring the right amount of the right type of foods.                
  • The mind will be happy to stay satisfied until the next meal.        
  • End craving certain foods and be back in control again.                                     

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